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"You wanna Raid? Prove it. Get yourself as strong as you can, then start running things with your Guildies. In a Raid, you are an important member of a Team, not a solo player. Learn how to deal with that before you begin and you'll be an even better member of the team once you're in."

HighMaul is upon us. It is time to start preparing ourselves and the guild for progression raiding once more. Let's catch this Raid from the very beginning stages and send the Iron Horde back to where they belong.

The following information is to help you prepare yourself to raid HighMaul in the upcoming patch.

  • Minimum 630ilvl is a MUST, no if ands or buts.

How to obtain the 630ilvl:

  • 1 guaranteed drop off last boss of each Heroic (be in proper loot spec)
  • Guaranteed epic helm off Molten Core
  • 680 ring from Legendary quest line
  • Several crafted 640 gear and weapons with max of 3
 Group  Leaders  Days  Times (Server Time)
 1    TBD  TBD
 2    TBD  TBD

Raid Rules
Chain of Command

1.) If you have a problem, see an issue, or otherwise need something, contact a Raid Assistant via whisper.
If you do not know who these are, look in the Raid tab to see.

2.) If they cannot get the issue resolved, or are busy, contact the other Raid Assistant.
If you have done this and the issue still exists, then bring it up to the Raid Leader. As with Guild Affairs your last resort is Raid Leader.

Failure to adhere to the Chain of Command can and will result in disciplinary action.

------------------------------------RAID RULES------------------------------------

1. Do NOT miss Raids, and please be 15 min early.
If you want to be in ANY raid group, do NOT miss raids or you will be REPLACED. Please be 15 min early so the group can be organized and start pulling at raid start time. Be in vent and logged into the game on the toon you are raiding with and READY for the invite, or you may miss your chance.

2. Gems, Enchants, Food & Flask.
When you show up to raid, your gear is to be fully enchanted, upgraded as much as possible with no missing gems. You are also required to bring your own raid buff food and a flask. Be repaired before raid. We expect our raiders to be responsible and take pride in their toons and performance. The raid leader and or raid assists will check to make sure you have these things in order. If you do not gather mats for food or flasks, you will have to bring your flask even if you have to buy it. If you do support the Guild Bank with current mats for gems, flasks, food, and enchants, then we will provide you with food and flasks for raids as well as help you with enchants and gems for your gear. (team work)

3. Do NOT play Raid Leader.
DO NOT question the raid leader. If you don't agree with their call, pst the raid assist or if you have an idea to share, ask the raid leader if they are interested in hearing it and respect their answer.  Raid leaders may ask the team to call out different issues if something is seen, so expect this, if it comes up. On a separate note, if you have a problem with another player’s performance do not point fingers which can cause drama in the raid. Please send a tell to the raid assistant if something should be addressed. The information you give them will allow them to take appropriate steps to ensure the success of the raid. Public constructive criticism really needs to come from the raid leader. Sniping and finger pointing can quickly make everyone in the raid uncomfortable, affect their performance and cause DRAMA, which is why we DON'T allow it.

4. VENT is mandatory & please keep vent clear.
YOU MUST HAVE A WORKING MIC. Keep vent clear from misc noise/talking during boss fights, call outs must be done and heard by all. VENT IS MANDATORY, if you don't have vent, then you don't raid. VENT IS MANDATORY FOR ALL PROGRESSION RAIDS.  If it is a NON-progression raid, the RAID LEADER may choose to make vent optional for everyone, not just one person.

5. Do NOT freak out over loot.
If you lose a roll and it upsets you, keep it to yourself. Your time will come. Relax. This is a game,  RAIDS are about camaraderie and teamwork.

There are designated breaks in all of the raid groups. You are expected to not make your raid group wait for you. It is an unnecessary waste of progression time. Eat, drink, use the restroom, walk your dogs etc and be ready before your raid group starts. Do not be late for breaks.

7. Do what your raid leader tells you to do.
Your raid leader and or raid assist's will instruct you on how to do the fights, you must follow their instructions. (DO WHAT THEY ASK YOU TO DO)

8. ALTS.
As your toon gets geared, you are expected to run with that (Main) toon. You will only switch to an Alt if the Raid Leader asks you to do so. We are NOT here to gear your Alts per your request. We are here to get Progression done, and we need our Raiders strong so that we can do that.
9. The Bench
If you are a benched player, you are on this bench for a reason, either you have not yet had a chance to become a core raider or you have failed at the chance you were given. Being on the bench will give you a chance to get into a raid if a raid group needs you for whatever reason. This could be a chance for you to become a core raider. If you are a casual player it gives you the opportunity to at least get into a raid as long as you are strong and follow these raid rules. Bench is a good thing.

As many of you know, these things should all go without having to say them; unfortunately there are some who must be told.
Loot System

-------------------------------LOOT SYSTEM------------------------------------

Master Looter will be assigned to ensure proper looting process.

Only one loot per boss, unless nobody wants it for main or off spec. This ensures that most raiders get a chance at loot instead of one person walking away with everything and others getting nothing. (team work)

Each raider will be granted one need roll per Raid, whether the raid is split over multiple days or not. You may choose what you want to use this need roll for, but choose carefully because you only get one need roll per raid lockout. Need rolls are for main specs ONLY and lost only when successfully win the roll and get the item, or if there is an attendance issue.


If an item has not been claimed by a need roll, we will fall back to Main spec roll, this is your current spec you are using in the raid, unless you have been specifically asked to switch to another spec for that fight.

If an item has not been claimed by a main spec roll, we will fall back to off-spec roll, this is your spec you are NOT currently using in the raid.

5. Substitute - Non group member
If you are asked to temporarily substitute in for a missing main member in a progression raid group you are only allowed to roll when the loot moves to offspec. If you become a permanent substitute member or move up to a main member you will be able to roll normally.  This allows the standard raid group as a whole to keep moving forward, besides most of them already have most of the drops anyway. As a substitute you are gaining a very exclusive experience to raid at this level, with a very high chance of getting gear that most of the raid already has.

If an item has not been claimed by any rolls, we will DE it and put the shard in the Guild Bank  .

7. BOE's
Epics will be treated the same as BOP items. If a BOE item has not been won, then it goes into the Guild Bank.

8. Neutral Bank
Once an item is put into the Guild Bank it becomes the decision of the guild master of where that piece should go taking into consideration all raid groups and raiders. This eliminates any possible drama over gear between raid groups. Items that sit around not being used for long periods of time are also subject to being sold on AH to fund the Guild Bank. It is also possible that a piece or so may be placed in the Member Tab. If this is the case, the gear taken from the Members Tab must be used to level or get into Heroics/LFR in order to gear up to become a Raider. It is not meant for you to take and sell for gold. If this becomes abused, it will go back to being more restrictive. If you need or would like an item from the Guild Bank, please speak to an Officer. Don't be afraid of asking, but be aware your answer could be yes or no.

Raid Roster
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